My name is Mattia, I am your local guide for treks in the Cinque Terre area in Liguria, Italy and on the enchanting Chianti hills in Tuscany.


NamasTrails is the portal to Yoga and Holistic Retreats (Namastreats), treks, food experiences, wine tastings and meditations in Cinque Terre, Poet’s Gulf and on Chianti hills.


Our goal is to craft retreats and itineraries that are authentic, local and that allows you to connect with the territory, its culture and soul!
Wander · Taste · Meditate


Learn how to prepare local dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Immerse within the Local Culture, listen to tales, anecdotes, cultural insights. Share who you are

Engage in Hands on Cooking Experiences

Meet Local Producers and visit their vineyards. Personally selected organic wines from Cinque Terre, Luni Area and Chianti’s hills.

Savor Local

Organic Wine

Breathe and find the quiteness and stilness that is within you. Embrace presence in nature reconnecting with your true Self

in the Woods


Namastrails is a local guide, a gateway to Yoga Retreats, Thematic Treks, moments of meditation and local products tastings from farm to table.

A gateway to hikes, culinary experiences, tastings and meditations in the Cinque Terre, in the Poets Gulf, on Chianti hills, in Vietnam and everywhere there are quiet places and tranquility, in which we can connect with our inner self.