MeditAction: the Megalithic way

Guided Meditations and hike along the Cinque Terre Highway, formerly inhabited by the Ligurian Apuans that used to live on the ridge from where they could make calendar calculation hypothesis. A trail off the beaten track that will allow you to immerse yourself in the shamanic culture of that time, amidst menhirs, sacred stones and dolmens, symbols of fertility.

MeditAction along the Olive Trees Way and local Cheese & Wine tasting

Thematic hike that begins in Lerici and will allow you to explore and discover ancient agricultural pastoral villages, where once lived the Ligurian Apuans. After a visit of what remains of these ``ghost`` hamlets and having walked along secular olive trees we will stop for a guided meditation facing the Golf of the Poets. At the end of the hike we will finally reach the ancient Pisan district in Lerici and we will taste local cheeses and wine at a local Osteria.