Namastrails is a community project and without the network of partners with which it collaborates in synergy it would not be able to offer unique proposals. Here is the list of companies, accommodation facilities, tour operators and professionals, artists we collaborate with:


We are Marta and Pietro and since the autumn of 2015 we have put together our strength and our hives to try to give life to a sustainable agriculture project in a small land of about ten hectares, in the heart of Chianti.

We believe in an agriculture far from the indiscriminate exploitation of the land and its inhabitants, typical of industrial food production and, although we still do not have the certification, we work inspired by the principles of organic agriculture and agroecology. In short, we are experimenting with a way of doing agriculture that is as much as possible in tune with the rhythms of the earth and respectful of its biodiversity.
Although in terms of self-consumption we also dedicate ourselves to a small olive grove and a family garden, we have focused our business on the breeding of alpine chamois goats for the production of cheeses and on beekeeping.

Since 2019 we have opened a small agricamping, with the desire to promote in our territory a type of tourism linked to nature and curious to get to know the animals that live in our countryside up close.

With Namastrails, two yoga retreats have already been organized at the agri-campsite since 2021.

Quiet Parks International

Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. Quiet Parks International was formerly known as the One Square Inch of Silence Foundation. Mattia is regional representative for Italy for the project and has been involved certifying quiet stays and recording sounds of nature for QPI since 2018. Some of the experiences offered with Namastrails will allow you to make a donation and sustain quiet and silence.

Villa Rosa Panzano

Surrounded by nature with woods and vineyards all around it, Villa Rosa of Panzano in Chianti opens its doors to a truly authentic way of visiting and discovering Tuscany.

If you’re the kind of traveller that likes to get in touch with the real local identity, this Villa from the beginning of the 1900s will be the perfect spot for either a romantic weekend in Chianti or a relaxing holiday amidst nature.

Since November 2021 with Namastrails we have been holding retreats within this charming oasis of quieteness.

Il Sole di Grignanello

We are Alessandro, Melissa and Michele and we founded our farm in 2019 in an ancient hamlet on Tuscany hills, in Pesa Valley near La Piazza hamlet in Castellina in Chianti village (Siena).
We practice alternative agriculture and biodiversity compared to that typical of the Chianti area: to the intensive monoculture of the vine we have in fact preferred to diversify the productions, returning most of the land to other crops as was historically practiced on the farm.

Agriturismo Gallerani

Azienda Gallerani was founded in 1945, by the will of his father Francesco, determined to leave behind the memory of the war and the concentration camp; his passion for the land and his great desire for space and freedom in fact spur him to start farming.

The company then transformed into the current Agriturismo Gallerani in 1996, from the desire of Chiara and Rocco to propose a return to nature and traditions, in a world in which it is now losing, the link with the surrounding environment and with the rhythm natural of the seasons.

The farm has been since the early years of Namastrails the pivotal home for retreats in the area of the Golfo dei Poeti in Liguria.

Insolita Itinera

Unusual Itinera was born from the need to experience authentic journeys and share them with your travel companions, known or unknown.
It all stems from an idea of Silvia Romagnoli, archaeologist, historian, environmental hiking guide and tour guide, who tried to combine her passions in travel and share them with other curious globetrotters.
Unusual Itinera means traveling in your own way, off the beaten track and always on the hunt for new experiences and emotions, to be remembered forever.
We have selected and created group and tailor-made proposals that meet the needs of today’s traveler: informed, curious, attentive and passionate.