Excursions, meditations and trekking paths in the Cinque Terre.

Namastrails is a local guide, a portal that allows access to experiential excursions, hikes, moments of meditation and local products tastings from farm to table.

An access portal to hikes, culinary experiences, tastings and meditations in the Cinque Terre, in the Gulf of Poets, in Vietnam and everywhere there are quiet places and tranquility, in which we can connect with our inner self.

NamasTrails promotes and develops a typology of experientiality and slow tourism that allows people to reconnect with themselves, contributes to the sustenance of small entrepreneurs, of the reality and of the producers on the territory in which it operates, trying to be from moment to moment a dispenser of genuine happiness and wellness.

Experience on the move, the way to access the here and now and consciously explore places of peace off the beaten track.

Namastrails is an invitation to linger, reconnect with one’s breath.

Meditation is the bridge that allows access to the self, the here and now, the universal awareness that everything is, and keeps us together.

Join Namastrails
and help the world

Part of what you pay to use the Namastrails service
is donated to one of the realities that we support economically and actively:
in India, in Vietnam and in Italy.
INDIA (Ladack)

Dutch Foundation for the Ladakh Nuns
to support the Tibetan-Buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India.


Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), the first NGO in Vietnam that focuses on nature conservation and environmental protection, fighting the illegal wildlife trade.


Emergency, which in Afghanistan, Iraq, Italy, the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Sudan offers free and high quality care in its hospitals, first aid posts, health centers, pediatric centers, rehabilitation centers, maternity centers, centers of excellence, clinics and mobile clinics.