NamasTrails is on Airbnb Experiences · Tales from the first hike​

NamasTrails is on Airbnb Experiences · Tales from the first hike​

NamasTrails is on Airbnb Experiences · Tales from the first hike

It al begins with movement, every atom and particle in this universe is always subtly moving.

So does NamasTrails always evolving, humbly proceeding, we are finally on Airbnb experiences and we did our first unique MeditAction hike above the magnificent Riomaggiore.

It is rewarding to see a smile upon the faces of Vicky and Jiahong, the first two ladies that joined MeditAaction, and even more uplifting it is to hear that they have found nourishing and truly enjoyable the guided meditation I have hosted right on the ridge next to the Monte Grosso, there where the Ligurian Celts, 5000 years ago were going to recharge their energies.

Up to now many people still finds this incredible and rich heritage worth a nourishment, and so when I came here with the knowledgeable and wise doctor Enrico Calzolari, the author of the book “Megaliti di Crinale delle Cinque Terre” (Cinque Terre Ridge Megaliths) I was positively stunned by the energy he has collected and stored after having standed next to the point of rechargement, next to the copulation dolmen, on the ridge dividing the Apuan Alps of Tuscany and the Portofino Gulf.

It is the first step made towards more enchanting hike to come. Allow me to send profound and true gratitude from the heart to Jihahong and Vicky for having joined this first excursion, exchanged life perspectives and personal experiences. Now more than ever we need to join our hearts and inner self forces to face the present and allow the light of our life to shine everywhere.

Extract from the guided meditation

In this very place thousands years ago local people were coming to celebrate life. The egg represents BIRTH, life, universal regeneration, fertility. This dolmen oriented towards the South as the egg shaped stone, this according to the Eurasian tradition, where a door is always oriented towards South in order to collect as much light as possible, vital life energy.

Not afraid of thoughts we do not identify with them,

Notice how our life can unfold in its natural ambient play

This that we feel inwardly is no other than our own Self

Remain like this, the quality of inner silence and presence remains

Like a subtle energy inside this body

Each time we turn our attention within

We will notice this beautiful peaceful energy, get used to this

Gradually this current of joy and peace will remain unbroken in you

Focus your attention toward the Seld and everything in your light

will become lighter, a spontaneous existence.

What we have tasted and allowed ourselves to experience these moments

thousands books and words have been trying to convey,

It is wordless and nameless, unchanging, full of joy,

Ohm Shanti Shanti Ohm,



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