I am Mattia, a curious soul, a free spirit moving consciously within this enchanting universe. It is the heart that guides me along the paths that life brings about, places, cultures, the willingness to settle in and adapt wherever you are.


Every moment, present, presence, essence, awareness of the Self.

To be honest I don’t really know how I ended up here, a series of events, encounters, countries explored, shared tales, experiences, led to the birth of this ongoing reality.


It probably all started after reading Tiziano Terzani’s words:


“Infinite awareness is to be found within yourself,
not within an idea of ourselves we have builted up!”


What a magnificent ongoing journey. I have roamed through the Tanzanian Savannah, expanded my vision gazing down to the Namib Naukluft National Park, connected within a creative and lively cultural jungle that is London and have been living and working in Hanoi, in Vietnam, where I spent two years creating experiencies for travelers and exploring the country.


The walk has just begun, a daily quest for truth and essence.


Be aware, travel slowly, observe and listen to nature and the shapes that float before your eyes. Nourish the soul and the moment with essence, connection, sharing. Bring only smiles wherever you are hostes, let the heart guide you!


The master of life is the opposite of control, live in the uknown…


With NamasTrails I want to connect travelers, seekers of authentic local experiences to places, tastes, perfumes, paths and people.

Walking is the best way to connect with our bodies, soul and heart, there where the sea resemble the grass, breathe deeply, of this journey you are part…

Harmonize the vibe of your tribe!

I met only one or two people in the course of my life who understood the art of walking, taking walks - there was something brilliant in them, in that wandering (``sauntering``), word of medieval origin, used for lovers of idleness. People who do not have a particular home, but feel at home everywhere. The one who always sits in the same house could be the greatest of all tramps and wanderers, but the saunterer is no longer a wanderer of a river, who searches the shortest way to the sea at any moment.

David Thoreau